Officers and Steering Committee

BWA Officers and Steering Committee

BWA is governed by a volunteer Steering Committee, which consists of three elected officers and the appointed committee chairs and other roles listed below. All positions are held for one year at a time and election of Officers takes place in November, in accordance with the BWA Bylaws. Most officers are also permitted to lead committees.

2019 Officers

President: Rick Killian
Vice President: Bill Liggett
Treasurer: Jara Raphaelson

2019 Steering Committee

Directory Chair: Arlene Moskowitz
Email Lists Moderator
: Patty Graner
Job Posting Coordinator: Beth Marcum
Membership Chair
: Phil Tobias
Programs Chair: Caitlin Berve and Laura Border
Public Relations Chair: Melissa Killian
Social Media Chair: Phil Nugent
Volunteer Chair: Brad Wetzler
Webmaster: Ameen Mustafa and Gary McBride

If you’d like to run for office or become a member of the BWA Steering Committee, get in touch. We welcome anyone who wants to take part in leading BWA.

We especially need to fill future officer roles and roles where a vacancy or need for replacement exists. Interested? Learn more about the volunteer committees. Volunteering for BWA can add impressive experience and credentials to your resume. BWA will even provide any necessary training.