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Annual Membership Dues

BWA’s membership software is currently offline for replacement – memberships and renewals cannot be processed online until this notice is removed. In the meantime, you can pay by mail as described further below.

BWA memberships are good for one full year from your payment date, not just until the end of the calendar year. If you have any problems registering or paying, e-mail webmaster@bwa.org.

  • Standard Membership – $50
  • Renewing Volunteer – $25
  • Student, Teacher, or Low Income – $15

To qualify for student or teacher membership, each year e-mail us a copy of your current school photo ID or mail it to the address shown below. Low-income membership is intended for people with an annual income below $20,000. To qualify for low-income membership, each year e-mail or mail us proof of income or a personal statement certifying your income. All reduced rate members must specify and complete a yearly volunteer commitment. Volunteering helps members and BWA flourish.

Note: Using PayPal gives you the option to automatically renew your BWA membership subscription. Please be sure to set this the way you prefer it to be! To do so, log into your BWA account. From the top-right menu that shows your name, choose Membership Details. Once the Membership Information page displays, click PayPal Unsubscribe. The link takes you to PayPal, where you can change your membership subscription settings.

New Member? Join Online Today

Join BWA

For a new member, paying online allows your membership to begin immediately.

Click the Buy Now link and you will be taken first to the Registration Page, then proceed to PayPal to complete your transaction.

For your username, enter your first and last name, with one space in between (example, Pat Smith). Following payment, you will be directed back to your User Profile, via the BWA login page.

Renewing Member? See Below

To renew online, log into your BWA account. From the top-right menu that shows your name, choose Membership Details. Once the Membership Information page displays, click Upgrade/Downgrade Your Account. Then choose the desired renewal option and click Next to pay online.

To renew at the volunteer rate you must have performed an approved volunteer activity for BWA in the prior year – and must e-mail the details to our volunteers chairperson. In a sentence or two, describe the volunteer activity you performed and the e-mail address of the person we can contact to verify the volunteering. Once you have done that, you can renew immediately at the volunteer rate.

Join or Renew Your BWA Membership By Mail

If you have not yet done so, register a membership profile before mailing payment (at PayPal, click the link to cancel and return to BWA).

Mail your check or other certified funds (please, no cash) to:

Boulder Writers Alliance
P.O. Box 18342
Attn: Membership
Boulder, Colorado, USA 80308-1342

So that we can credit the proper account, please write your BWA username and e-mail address on your check. Once the funds clear, we’ll manually activate the membership profile you specified. This typically takes 7-10 business days. Online transactions are processed immediately.

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